What’s In Your BillyBounce Basketball Package?

A question before we begin….

When you think about Disneyland, do you think about a collection of buildings?….. or a Mouse?
Simple answer…. right?
We created BillyBounce to represent a basketball experience so there was an immediate association with the sport through him.

(Bindi Bounce – female coach – is coming soon!)

BillyBounce is “The Basketball Bug” that we want everyone to catch. Not only is BillyBounce the coolest bug on the planet, but he’s pretty cute as well. You only get one chance to make a first impression – and BillyBounce is it! We’ve all seen the superstar “human” coaches in programs who have energy and knowledge, they leave, the energy and knowledge goes with them.

Our systems will make ALL of your coaches THAT superstar coach. And everything is delivered on behalf of BillyBounce. He’s the 3rd party and if you’re a parent, you’ve experienced the fact that your child may not listen to you. But they will listen to someone else with the same message. (I think I can feel you nodding your head right now! And now you’re smiling because I got you.) As the coach, regardless of your relationship with the children, we simply say “BillyBounce wants you to do this”.

The children engage in BillyBounce – they just love him, he’s cute!!! You’ll have parents wanting to buy a second t-shirt because their child won’t take off their BillyBounce shirt. Or they’ll want another ball because the kids fight over the single one. (We’re speaking from years of experience remember!)

Why is BillyBounce IMPORTANT for YOU?

For years, as a sport, we’ve marketed and promoted a “Basketball Program”.

But this ISN’T just a basketball program, we are in the business of creating AWESOME MEMORIES for kids!!!!

Experiences that will be recalled in 20 years from now as positive and fun.

Powerful huh?

Parents and kids within your community talk and they see stuff. They’re going to see kids walking around the community in their BillyBounce t-shirts!

He’s a talking point. (We encourage you to put your logo on the front of the shirt as well) The community is going to see the Basketballs bouncing around the place. They’re all conversation starters.

And when you start promoting and marketing into the schools in your community – EVERYONE will remember BILLYBOUNCE.

PS – Consumnes CSD in Elk Grove, CA has been running these programs and systems since 2007 and they get consistent numbers for every program.

The systems and the “BUG” works!

(Albury Basketball at Lauren Jackson Sports Centre in Australia has been running programs since 2003)


In order to become an awesome memory creator, youll need to sit and watch our exclusive coach the coachesvideos before you begin running the program. 

Fast moving, full of tips and tricks, we want to get you up to speed as quickly as we can. (These tips and tricks can be used at all levels of coaching, not just the beginner level.)

Following those videos, you can access the “drills videosthat are relevant to your program. Well take you through each video in detail, how to set it up, teaching points, what to watch for, variations to add in etc.

Well make you look like an expert from the very start.

We’ve broken every part of the program into an easy to follow system.
LOTS of little extras that will enable you to get up and running FAST.
We’ve created some Activity Pages for the kids. Be a difference in their lives! Just another way for the kids to engage in your program.

BONUS: Learn to Coach Hoops Program


This is a free program we’ve developed in order to help the newbie and less experienced coaches of the world. We kept getting asked to develop this, so we did.

Features include:

  • Your first 20 x 1 hour coaching sessions that will help the kids and coaches progress through skill and team development
  • Two easy to follow, yet very carefully constructed lesson plan manuals.
  • Manual 1 is lessons 1-10
  • Manual 2 is lessons 11-20
  • All drills carry a supporting video to help the coach learn the drill and if they want to, they can show the athletes so they can see it as well.
  • Free session planning master. (Coaches will see the formula that we use and after they get this initial experience, they can start planning their own sessions that are fast moving, high learning and a rich experience for the athletes.)

This is a completely free resource that is available to anyone on the planet.

To access this free resource please have your coaches, go to www.LearnToCoachHoops.com and register to gain full access.