Hey Coach,

How long is a minute?

Dumb question huh?

But there’s different minutes – there’s the long minute when you’ve been challenged to hold your breath, and then there’s the time out – which seems to go past in the blink of an eye.

You’re only half way through your address and the ref says – “let’s go coach!”

We’ve all been there – right?

One simple trick to eliminate this time restraint is to get your athletes to literally run to the time out.

Let them spend the first 10-15 seconds settling down, getting drinks etc.

NOT walking to the huddle.

Running also sends a message to the other team – it says “we got this!”

We don’t care how tired we are – we’re going to keep running.

Next time you call a time out – watch both teams – if one runs to the huddle, the other teams body language changes!

How do you practice this?


Every time you have a drink break at practice – make it a minute, call these breaks out randomly – like a game – and get your athletes conditioned to taking these breaks at different times and running to the right spot.

You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes.

Enjoy the journey!

Coach Bruce


PS – remember – in the time out – 2 messages – one for offence, one for defence – or – deliver a simple and clear message.

Bruce Hultgren is a former professional player in Australia and has been coaching professionally and semi professionally for over 25 years around the world. He is a specialist in the field of entry level development and is the creator of the BillyBounce Basketball program designed for entry level athletes aged 5-10 years old.

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