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Create the Habit of Running In Between Drills at Practice

Hey Coach! Any idea how much time you waste at practice with your athletes walking? Probably not - but now I’ve got you thinking about it - right? If you want to create great habits, you must first practice them. I’m not going to crap on about it - you get it - add it [...]

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Get Your Players to Run to Timeouts

Hey Coach, How long is a minute? Dumb question huh? But there’s different minutes - there’s the long minute when you’ve been challenged to hold your breath, and then there’s the time out - which seems to go past in the blink of an eye. You’re only half way through your address and the ref [...]

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Breaking the Season Down into A Journey

Hey Coach, We always hear the expression about “the journey” - heck - I write it all the time - everything is about the journey. Enjoying the moments, planning things out, setting goals and taking steps to try and achieve these goals. But…. HOW? As a young coach, I was always told to set goals [...]

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The secret to dribbling… is cheating

Hey Coach! Yes - it’s time to teach your athletes how to cheat at dribbling. I’ve taught this too many times to remember and it always works, thought I’d share it with you - try it and enjoy watching the difference. Let’s set the start point up first. Have your athletes line up on the [...]

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Is it a stepping stone or a stumbling block?

Hey Coach! You lost! Is it a stepping stone or a stumbling block? Are you expecting to win every single game - forever? The simple self-analysis of “stepping stone v stumbling block” will not only clear your head, but give your players some clarity on what this means as a group. You’re on a journey, [...]

Is yours a permission or forgiveness based environment?

Hey Coach! Isn’t that an interesting question? Permission vs Forgiveness. It’s one of the hardest things to get into your players, the have the confidence to go for it, play the game and worry about asking for forgiveness - not permission. The athletes live in a permission based world - from school where it’s drummed [...]

If You Set A Drill, Make Sure the Details Are Taken Care Of

Passing, catching, where, how? How fast? What’s the footwork? Hey Coach! So… you’re setting up a drill and you ask your athletes to run it. They do what you ask, but the details are all over the place. Passes going to the wrong place, catching in the wrong spot, they travel, they pivot the wrong [...]

Why it’s so important to start your athletes with receiving bounce passes

Hey Coach! If you’re coaching little kids, beginners, it is VITALLY IMPORTANT that you start by teaching them to receive a bounce pass and not a chest pass. Let’s face it, we’ve all seen the new parent with a toddler and they throw a soft ball to the toddler, only to see it smack them [...]

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When 1 = 160 and a lifetime of difference

ONE SIMPLE DECISION TO RUN THIS PROGRAM WILL AFFECT 160 YOUNG LIVES EACH YEAR AND MAKE A LIFETIME OF DIFFERENCE If you run a league, you need to read this. Imagine if you will... Over the next 10 years you can run just 2 x 45 minute sessions a week, that will positively influence 40 [...]

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Are you conscious of your palms? Which ways are your palms facing & using open hands to direct.

Hey Coach! Interesting question huh? Not many people are aware that the way you hold your palms will have a direct result in how your team reacts to your requests. Let me explain... Let’s say you want half of your team to stand on one side of the court and the other half on the [...]

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