Hey Coach,

We always hear the expression about “the journey” – heck – I write it all the time – everything is about the journey.

Enjoying the moments, planning things out, setting goals and taking steps to try and achieve these goals.

But…. HOW?

As a young coach, I was always told to set goals – but I had no idea what to set, how to measure, keep track etc.

“Why can’t I just write a practice plan and that’s enough?” was my typical mental response.

But then it happened…. I sat down and planned out the year.

Just how many hours did I have my athletes at practice?

What were all the things I wanted to achieve in these sessions and how could I also include personal skill development as well as team development within these time frames.

By taking this step back, I gained great clarity in the journey ahead.

Now I wasn’t planning practice sessions as a result of the weekends game results.

We’ve all heard those chestnuts, right? “we struggled with rebounding – so we’re going to dedicate our session to this” – then after that session, it’s never practiced or spoken of again.

But then… you have another rebounding issue and you can’t understand why your athletes have forgotten the lessons of 2 months ago that you addressed for one session.

Sound familiar?

What about…. shooting, passing, catching, footwork, shooting, hand speed, conditioning, 1 on 1, offence, defence, rebounding – and the list goes on…

Front end your planning – how many hours do you have together?

How many shots do you want each athlete to shoot throughout the season?

How many in practice? In personal time?

That’s the tip of the iceberg, hopefully I’ve sparked the brain to get into gear and get this happening for you.

As always… Enjoy the journey!!!

Coach Bruce

Bruce Hultgren is a former professional player in Australia and has been coaching professionally and semi professionally for over 25 years around the world. He is a specialist in the field of entry level development and is the creator of the BillyBounce Basketball program designed for entry level athletes aged 5-10 years old.

See www.BillyBounce.com