Meet BruceBruce Hultgren

My experiences simply make me who I am. From my playing days where I was lucky enough to become a professional basketball player. Then realizing while out doing clinics that there was a massive need for a systemized program that would allow anyone to deliver a program developed by someone with the experience to write it.

Not many people are given the opportunity to change the lives of hundreds of thousands of children, introducing them to a sport, helping to start their sporting experience and career, or are willing to take on this challenge.

I’ve now dedicated over 20 years of my life to it – because it’s that important for future generations.
My passion is changing the world in some way, making a mark, helping people and having fun while doing it. I will always try to see the positive in things and find the silver lining.

Thanks for coming by,

I realised that many people talk about their playing careers but not the people who influenced them, shaped them, moulded them, coached them, to bring them to this point in their life journey.
This is my list for my life journey so far….

Playing Career
Proudly an Eltham Wildcat junior
Key influencers and coaches.
David Hickman
Wayne Pollock
U20 State Team Gary Fox (NBL Coach at the time)
SEABL Eltham Wildcats from age 17-20 Wayne Pollock and Steve Gray

North Melbourne Giants – 1985 – 1988
Owen Hughan Coach
Les Riddle Coach
Bruce Palmer Coach

Geelong Supercats 1989 – 1992
Barry Barnes Coach
Steve Breheny Coach

(During my NBL playing days I was lucky to be training with Olympians, NBA calibre imports and other athletes who were outstanding in their own right. By playing with and against these men, it was a constant education every day at practice and in games, its amazing how much you learn that isnt written in a book somewhere. Thanks to all of you who I was lucky enough to call my team mates and opponents.)

SEABLKeilor Thunder 1993 – 1995
Peter Fleming, Mark Landells

(I know Ive missed a lot of names here who I was lucky enough to have cross my life pathway on my journey. I appreciate you all and had to keep the list short!)

Coaching Career
Thousands of hours coaching at grass roots level while playing in the NBL, learning the craft, delivery messages, figuring things out!

(High Performance) NITP Head Coach Vic Metro U16 for 2 years.
Athletes included Paul Flynn, David Barlow.

Director of Coaching Altona Gators for 2 years.
Head coach of USA tour group.

Creator of Bounce ’n’ Jam”a program that focussed on teaching children ball skills to music. Marketed and sold across the USA during early 2000s.

BIllyBounce Basketball – Creator and Founder – Fully systemized basketball programs designed for entry level athletes 5 8 years old.
(A portion of all proceeds generated by these programs are used to sponsor various athletes, provide products such as basketballs to countries that need them and were creating a 1 for 1 sponsorship, for every athlete that joins a program as a paid member, we will sponsor another athlete into a program that in unable to afford this investment.)

As far as I know, Im the only person on the planet who has spent over 20 years developing introductory programs that can be run in any community, anywhere in the world. Ive passed the 10 years and 10,000 hours rule a couple of times over.

Presenter and Speaker at:
National Association of Basketball Coaches, USA
Five Star Basketball Presenter, Atlanta, GA.
Blog contributor
Coached at High School in USA
Presented many talks to High Schools across the USA on various topics, coaching, sales and marketing, bringing concepts from your mind to the world, top 10 things I learned as a professional athlete.

Achievements Since 2011 (returning back to Australia after living in USA for 5 years.)
VJBL Coach Geelong Supercats 2012 – 2016
(High Performance) NITP, NPP, Head Coach in Geelong region from 2013 – 2015
High Performance Camp Coach for BV and BVCC – 2013 – 2015
Director of Pathways and Development Geelong Supercats 2013 – 2015
U16 Boys Country Vic State Head Coach 2014
SEABL Head Coach (Interim) Geelong Ladycats 2014 (Conference Finalists)
Continual mentoring of athletes both on and off the floor.

CreatedLearn To Coach Hoopsthe first program in the world that provides new coaches with their first 20 x 1 hour coaching sessions, complete with over 80 videos provided completely free as a gift back to the game. (see

CreatedThe Focus Shooting Methodreleased after 10 years of trials in 7 countries. After coming to the realisation that this shows immediate results and can even be taught through an interpreter it is another free program as a gift back to the game. Its a little controversial because the sacred cow of shooting teaching is being challenged, but give it time (people once thought the world was flat and that no one would ever break the 4 minute mile barrier) (see (Yes – it’s free!)

Undertook a complete revision and rework of the BillyBounce series of programs, now making use of the technology available to us all, aimed at programs who are looking for a world class program to introduce new athletes to the sport of basketball before they start their playing careers. Complete with over 180 videos and multiple other tools. The ultimate and only turnkey program on the planet, now being marketed across the USA and into other parts of the world as translations are completed. 

Current learning and Ongoing Mentors Used from around the world including USA, Germany and Australia.

Mentoring outincludes athletes and coaches in the USA, Australia.


I love the fact that I get to help people change their world a little bit each day through my work.
Every single aspect of these programs the driving force have been designed to make a difference in the lives of others.

The best part is that I get to make a difference.

Thats what I love, when I know Ive made a difference, somewhere in the world, through my programs. Bruce


Bruce has transformed his experiences into the BillyBounce product that now help to changes lives on a daily basis around the globe. His Professional basketball playing career helped him develop the worlds first fully systemized basketball program for kids so they can start their careers.

And its not just about the kids. The program is designed to help anyone interested in coaching to get a helping hand via the video library, the hints and tips throughout the booklets and the ongoing improvement that will revolutionise the way we coach and teach.

Current learning and Ongoing Mentors Used from around the world including USA, Germany and Australia.

Mentoring out – includes athletes and coaches in the USA, Australia.



Bruce is widely known for his infectious enthusiasm, positive outlook and “always smiling” approach to business and life.

“More than most, Bruce has a passion aligned to his purpose in bringing the magic and meaning of his Basketball program to millions across the globe. His gifts are many, and he stands out as a great business partner and collaborator.”

Karen Brunke,
Director of Marketing and Events
Coca-Cola, Atlanta – USA

The key word for Bruce is that he is passionate in every sense of the word in the constant pursuit of wanting to make a difference, develop a community and help others experience the magic he’s been lucky enough to experience through basketball.