Take your community engagement to the next level!

BillyBounce Basketball will help the kids in your community grow and learn more than basketball. Aside from basketball skills, they will also learn about self-esteem, sportsmanship, and the value of hardwork.

Take advantage of our experience with over 20 years in the field.

The BillyBounce Story

What You Get

A Simple Solution
A Turnkey System That Will Enable Your Team to Deliver A World Class Program Every Time.

Powerful Marketing Tools
Our Expert Marketing Team Has Put Everything At Your Fingertips So You Can Use Our Experience.

Total Market Coverage
Wherever children go to get educated in your community, from pre-school up to the age of 10, they will be exposed to your program.

Lots of Built-in Features
Whether it’s the 180+ coaching videos, or the delivery methods we teach you in the training session, they’re all added and designed to make you the expert.

Your First 80 BillyBounce Basketballs Are Included
Don’t let basketballs be a barrier to getting started – we’ll provide your first 80 as part of your investment.


An All Inclusive Community Basketball For Kids Aged 5-10 Years


This Is A Complete Turnkey System That Is Ready To Go


We’ll Spend 1/2 Day Taking You Through Our Simple Systems


A Complete Risk-Free Investment For You

BillyBounce Sessions Overview

BillyBounce Basketball Is A World-Class Program

Get Started Now!

The participants in our BillyBounce program have continued to develop the basic basketball skills in a fun environment providing the pathway into participation in the junior Association.

The program has continued to attract good numbers each term which is a credit to the fun aspect of the program and the variety.

Michael Stanton, Team Leader Leisure Facilities Albury City, Lauren Jackson Sports Centre

The Billy Bounce Basketball program runs like clockwork each session, attracting new families and children who want to start their sporting journey in a fun, recreational environment.

Michelle Vargas, Recreation Supervision, Sports Division, Consumnes CSD, Elk Grove, CA


Everyday we engage more and more children into the game of basketball through our licensee’s. We ensure this through:

  1.  Providing world class materials
  2. Marketing the programs to potential licensee’s
  3. Building community awareness of each licensee


Each year over 1 million children will be introduced to the “Bug” through over 10,000 programs around the world.



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